Coming back to Tzia

Coming back to Tzia

I visited Tzia so long time ago – I think I was 17 – and had only faded images of what it looked like. I did remember though vividly the taste of the local red wine and the sand in my mouth waking up in my sleeping bag at the beach of “limani” of Korissia.  I didn’t see or remember much from that weekend escape with my high school buddies, except that I had an awesome time partying and laughing with our hearts throughout the night. I also sense, till now, the energy of the island, this kind of energy you will only find in the Aegean sea !

So it took me almost 25 years to come back and do a proper discovery. This time, more experienced, more traveled, with little bit more money, possibly wiser, seemed the right time to explore its treasures making it more exciting, especially when you share the experience with your significant other.

The short trip from Lavrio, about an hour, and the fresh salty sea air initiates immediately the process of clearing your head in anticipation of a complete detox from the hustle n’ bustle of Athens. We got off the boat refreshed and in a good mood and drove on the way to Koundouros, about 25 km from the port, Korissia. We enjoyed the ride and even my KTM seemed to be in a better mood handling perfectly on the good asphalt road with the sag and crest vertical curves. The change of landscapes, not a typical of other Cycladic islands, like Mykonos or Paros, a well balanced mixture of stone, green and the colors of Ioulida, the main city of the island, make our first impression of a colorful, almost wild nature pulling you in to be part of it, to sense it with all your power.

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Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024